Drag Bike
East Tex Dragway
Gary Mullins
Texas Speedway
The Mrs

This section shows the bike as it was back in the early 70's. From stock to drag. The triple was purchased from Houston Kawasaki on 7/28/1972.

Through out the years I was involved in several plus accidents, some my fault some not. After each accident I was always more concerned about the bike than myself, almost as if the bike were human, I was possessed.

Every Saturday and Sunday we could be found at Princes Hamburgers off South Main and OST in Houston, Texas looking for a race with the 57 Chevys, Hemi Cuda's, Corbra's, Roadrunner, GTO's, SS Camero's tearing the streets up on Holly Hall by the Astrodome.

The drag strip was a place located in Porter Texas called East Tex Dragway and would be one of the last days the bike saw the road.